What's New ?

27th May 2007
Solitaire City v3.00 for Pocket PC has been released. Download it now ! Here's what's been added:
Eliminator, Yukon and Tri-Peaks games.
High resolution VGA support.
You can now turn off the Registration Screen from the Options menu.
Help files are now available from the menus.
The upgrade is free to everyone who's bought a Registration Key for Solitaire City for Pocket PC. Simply download and install v3.00 Trial Version over your older version and it will automatically become registered. No need to uninstall anything.
29th October 2006
Solitaire City v2.00 for Pocket PC has been released. Here's what was added:
Full Windows Mobile 5 support including square screens and landscape and portrait modes.
Left and right handed display options (up until now, you might have found that the deck wasn't positioned in the best of places resulting in your hand obscuring the screen).
Seven variations of FreeCell.
One, two and four suit Spider games with smaller cards to fit the screen.
If your Pocket PC has WiFi internet access then you'll be able to enjoy full on-line hi-score integration similar to the Windows version.
19th December 2004
Solitaire City v1.00 for Pocket PC has been released !

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