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Download Solitaire Setty Solitaire Setty is a powerful cardset design tool for Solitaire City. It is completely FREE and you need to download it in order to convert the project files on this page into cardsets that can be used in Solitaire City.
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Solitaire Setty v
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Solitaire Setty v2.00 Project Files Solitaire Setty
Standard Clean Blue
"Standard Clean Blue.ssp" : 460 KB
Standard Clean Blue.ssp
Standard Used
"Standard Used.ssp" : 455 KB
Standard Used.ssp
The above cardsets were specifically designed for use with handhelds, making use of large numbers that are easy to see on small displays. You can use the cardsets designed for Windows but you may find that the numbers are too small or obscure the card images when you convert them to Pocket PC cardsets. You can modify them fairly easily though.
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