Submit a Bug Report for Solitaire City Pocket PC

It is our goal to make Solitaire City work correctly on as many Windows Mobile powered handhelds as possible. However, due to the large number of devices available we sometimes fail to spot a problem with a particular model and rely on people such as yourself, to report the "undesirable feature" so we can fix it. Before you fill in the bug report form, please make sure you are using the latest version of Solitaire City for Pocket PC.
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Okay, here's the important bit. Please describe the bug in detail and try to give me specific instructions on how I can repeat the problem at my end. What I will do is either test the game on an identical piece of hardware to yours or on an emulator if I don't own the device; but where do I go from there ? You need to tell me exactly what to do in order to repeat the problem, otherwise I can't fix it. It's no use just saying "the game freezes", because I've played the game on most devices and it doesn't freeze, so I'm no closer to fixing your problem. A much more informative bug report might read something like this .... "when playing Klondike, if I grab a column of ten cards or more and drag them off the bottom of the screen, the game freezes". So, when you discover on of those nasty bug things, instead of immediately filling in a vague bug report, please spend a few more minutes playing the game again and trying to figure out exactly what you need to do in order to cause the problem to repeat. If you can give me specific instructions on how I can cause the bug to occur at my end, then I'll be able to fix it much, much quicker.